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As of 2016, 36% of Turkey’s university graduates are currently unemployed (compared to the overall youth 15-24 unemployment rate of 23%). They are more likely to remain unemployed for 6 months or longer (43%) compared to primary and high school graduates (21 % and 26% respectively). If they graduate from one of the many ‘second tier’ state universities, they are even less likely to be employed.

Keeping in mind the ‘21st Century Skills’ framework, the “First Chance” (İlk Fırsat in Turkish) program was designed to increase employability of youth by:

•Providing work experience and on the job training

•Increasing social awareness of youth while building critical skills for employment

•Contribute to human resources and capacity of NGOs

As part of the First Chance program, NGOs operating in Turkey are invited to apply to employ new university graduates in full time positions for 12 months within their NGOs. Esas Social covers all costs related to their employment by making a grant to the NGO. 

New university graduates from ‘second tier’ schools are invited to apply for ‘First Change’ NGO positions. They undergo a formal HR search and selection process, including a job-fit inventory assessment. Once selected, they work full time in formal positions such as HR, Purchasing, IT and Communications, and take part in the First Chance Academy where they receive training, development and mentoring support. The entire search and selection process is developed and managed by the Esas Social team and implemented in collaboration with the NGO. click for researches: http://esassosyal.org/en/arastirmalarimiz

As of 2017, 14 leading NGOs have given 35 youth employment opportunities. 15 of these youth have completed the program and moved on to find their new jobs in the NGO and private sector.

For more information: http://www.esassosyal.org/en