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NGO Participation

NGO Application Criteria:

Young people who have just graduated from the University who want to give the job opportunities, at least 3 years ago, to meet the following conditions and T.C. All associations, foundations and supreme organizations (federation, confederation, etc.) established in accordance with the law may apply for the first opportunity.

These institutions must also comply with these criteria:

  • Minimum 3 years of program impact
  • NGOs must be working in areas of public benefit (education, health, environment, social-economic development, disadvantaged groups such as youth, women, children and persons with disabilities, refugees)
  • At least 7 fulltime staff
  • 750.000 TL annual budget
  • Clear description of job position and how they will contribute to the professional development of participant


First Chance 2021 Period NGO applications are planned for February 2021.

Application form for NGOs

NGO Application Guide Sample Job Definitions

250+ hour First Chance Academy support per participant in 2021

Destek Veren Kurumlar

Corporate Supporters

The issue of unemployment of educated young people is a social problem. In 2019, the Corporate Support has been given a start as part of the strategy to expand the First Chance’s mission to the community and business world.

6 prestigious private sector companies became First Chance’s corporate supporters in this year. Generous gifts from our supporters provide the financial and moral support needed to expand our efforts to our end in youth employment.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to corporate partners for their support and invite all companies and corporations to engage with our mission of creating equal chances for all youth in transitioning from school to job.

In-Kind Supporters

First Chance’s in-kind supporters conduce to spread program application announcements, provide online selection and evaluation platform and expand First Chance Academy’s skill pool. We would like to thank our in-kind supporters for their significant contributions.