Criteria for NGO Participation

  • NGOs must be working in areas of public benefit (education, health, environment, social-economic development, and disadvantaged groups such as youth, women, children and persons with disabilities, refugees)
  • Minimum 3 years’ of program impact
  • At least 7 full time staff and 300.000 USD annual budget
  • Clear description of job position and how they will contribute to the professional development of participant

Participating NGOs

PArticipating NGO's are funded to employ one or more new graduate for 12 months in a full time position.

AYDER-Alternatife Life Association

Alternative Life Association, a non-governmental organization that was established in and incorporated under the laws of Turkey, with the purpose of increasing awareness on the needs of socially and physically disadvantaged people, their integration into social life; and developing partnerships among disadvantaged groups and with the governments, local authorities and the private sector.

AÇEV-Mother Child Education Foundation

Ever since it was founded in 1993, the Mother & Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) has been carrying out all of its educational activities aimed at needy children and their families with the aims of ensuring that such children have the benefit of a good and wholesome “early childhood experience”, of contributing towards a better society, and of achieving equality in educational opportunity.

Darüşşafaka Society

Darüşşafaka Society was founded in 1863 with the aim of providing equality of opportunity in education to needy, talented children who had lost their fathers. Since then, it has maintained its presence with this mission of "equality of opportunity in education.

Youth Lives Foundation

(Only in 2016)
Promoting youth empowerment and development for youth aged 11-18.

Support to Life

Support to Life (STL) is a humanitarian aid agency founded with the principal objective of working with communities to help them meet their basic needs and rights. Emergency relief aid is provided impartially in response to humanitarian crises with a focus on laying the foundations for rehabilitation, reconstruction and participatory development. Disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction are important components of STL's mission.

İKSV-Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) is a non-profit cultural institution. Since 1973, the Foundation continues its efforts to enrich Istanbul’s cultural and artistic life. İKSV regularly organises the Istanbul Festivals of Music, Film, Theatre and Jazz, the Istanbul Biennial, the Istanbul Design Biennial, Leyla Gencer Voice Competition, autumn film week Filmekimi and realises one-off events throughout the year.

Special Olympics Turkey

Special Olympics Turkey is a member of Special Olympics, a global organization that serves athletes with intellectual disabilities working with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and coaches each year. Since the establishment of Special Olympics in 1968, the number of people with and without intellectual disabilities who are involved with the organization has been growing.

People Management Association of Turkey-PERYÖN

The first NGO specialized in human resources management in Turkey, PERYÖN has almost 3 thousand members and reaches approximately 1.147 corporations and 2.5 million employees. The Association organizes national and international HR events and carries out various activities in that area.

TEMA- The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

TEMA Foundation, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is Turkey’s largest environmental NGO, already serving with over 450,000 volunteers. TEMA implements educational activities, organizes awareness raising events and campaigns for community mobilization and empowerment. It implements model projects of various scale and intervenes on government policies for proper environmental protection and conducts legal activities, both by legislation drafting and through its lawsuits.

TOG-Community Volunteers Foundation

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) was founded in December 2002. TOG contributes to the personal development of young people through encouraging young people to participate in the social responsibility projects as volunteers. By this way, it increases the young people’s community involvement on a voluntary basis.

Tohum Autism Foundation

Tohum works in the field of early diagnosis, special education and Social inclusion of children with autism. The foundation has a special school for children with autism and also implements special programs in that area.

TEV- Turkish Education Foundation

Founded 1967, TEV provides scholarships and educational support for high school and university students with economic need and academic excellence. The foundation also carries out social and cultural activities for its beneficiaries, provides internship assistance and education opportunities.

TEGV-Turkish Educational Volunteers Foundation

(Only in 2016)
TEGV creates and implements educational programs and extracurricular activities for children, so that they can acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes to become rational, responsible, self-confident, peace-loving, inquisitive, cognizant individuals who can put their inner creativity to use, commit to the basic principles and values of the Turkish Republic, and respect diversity of all kinds, including gender, racial, religious, language diversity.

Yuva Association

Yuva is a center for advocacy and holistic learning for young people and adults, which tackles ecology, human rights and livelihoods simultanously, in order to make a sustainable life possible for all living beings.